Things to display on companys website as the Companies Act, 2013 and Listing Agreement

Here is the list of items that is required by the Companies Act, 2013 (Referred as “Act”) as well as Listing agreement that needs to be displayed at the company's website. Requirement of listing agreement may be ignore by the unlisted entities.


What needs to be displayed

Company Type

Statutory reference under the Companies Act, 2013


Notice of the EGM in which special resolution is passed for change of objects in the memorandum by a company which has raised money from the public and still remains The justification for the same needs to be indicated.

Public Company

Section 13(8)


Statement containing the names, their last known addresses and the unpaid dividend to be paid to each person.

Public  and Private Company Both

Section 124(2)


Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Public  and Private Company Both

Section 135(4)(a)


Financial statements including

consolidated financial statements, if any, and all other documents required to be attached


Listed Company

Section 136(1)


Separate audited accounts in respect of each subsidiary on the holding company’s website

Public  and Private Company Both

Section 136(1)


Details of vigil mechanism for directors and employees to be placed on the website.

Public  and Listed Company

Section 177(10)


A notice calling a meeting of all members or creditors and debenture holders of the in relation to compromise or


All Companies

Section 230(3)


Code of independent directors

Public  and Listed Company

Schedule IV


The terms and conditions of the appointment of independent directors

Public  and Listed Company

Schedule IV


As per the Listing Agreement


Code of Fair Disclosure and

Clause 49(II)(E)


Policy of the company on material related party transactions and dealing with related party transactions

clause 49 VII(c)


Code of conduct for all Board members and senior management of the company

clause 49(2)(E)(1)


publish its criteria of making payments to non-executive directors in its

Clause 49(VIII)(C)(3)


Policy for determining ‘material’ subsidiaries and such policy shall be disclosed on the Company’s website

Clause 49(V)


Business responsibility policies by listed companies – optional for website display.

Clause 55